Our History


Upgraded Dashboard Area

We’ve published an upgraded version of our dashboard with more user friendly environment and more control over your listings and your account.

Published Our Knowledge-Base

We published a knowledge-base on how to get the most out of your membership(s) including answers to most frequently asked questions.

Facebook, Instagram Integrations

Each attorney network has its own unique Facebook and Instagram page. When a member publishes a new listing or updates his/her listing, we’ll publish an update to that network’s followers about it.


Member Dashboard R1.0

We published the first version of our member dashboard software so that our attorney members would be able to add new listings and manage their current listings without requiring support from us.

Zapier, RSS Feed Integration

We integrated our software with Zapier to allow our member attorneys automate moving of lead’s information from our system to their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. We also allowed attorneys to add their RSS feeds and our system would automatically post their latest articles/posts on the relevant social media pages in our network.


1K Leads a Month Milestone

We crossed a new milestone of generating 1,000 leads a month.

Introduced Our Pay Per Lead Service

In August of 2018 we introduced a new pay-per-lead service to our member attorneys. Potential clients submit their case through our intake forms. Attorneys receive an email with the case description. if they are available and interested in the case, they can make a one-time payment and receive the potential client’s contact information.

SendGrid, Yelp, Twitter Integration

We integrated our software with Yelp API to republish attorney’s Yelp reviews on their profiles on our network, Twitter API to publish relevant tweets on each directory’s Twitter account, and with SendGrid API to improve the reliability and delivery rate of our email notifications.


50 Directories, 500 Listings Milestone

In 2017 our network reached 50 directory and over 500 attorney listing.

Avvo, Twilio, Google Integrations

We integrated our software with Twilio to provide call tracking and conversion tracking, Whitepages Pro to automatically block spam and robo calls, Google Analytics Solutions to provide traffic statistics to our members, and Avvo to re-publish attorney’s latest Avvo reviews reviews on their listing(s) on our network.


Published R1.0 of Our Software

In 2016 we completed the version 1.0 of our software. It allowed us to publish our directories and give clients the option to submit their legal matters and match them with attorney based on practice area, location, and directory.

Acquired Domain Portfolio

Throughout 2016 we purchased a portfolio of memorable attorney directory URLs in our niche to make it easier for our visitors to remember and to help us build a better brand in future.


Market Research with Attorneys

Throughout 2015 we talked to about 100 attroenys to learn about how they conduct their day to day business, find clients, get involved with their communities, and grow their practice.


Market Research with Clients

Throughout 2014 we talked to about 100 legal clients in our targeted demographics to learn why and how they searched for heritage-focused attorneys.


250 Members Milestone

Throughout 2012 we recruited 250 attorneys to be our beta members and get listed on our directories. We planned to operate an attorney-client marketplace and needed to have attorneys listed on our directories before we could promote them to the communities.


Launched Our Network of Directories

We launched a limited number of attorney directories with basic features to use for testing our assumptions about the need in the market for heritage-focused attorneys. Spoiler alert, our assumptions were validated.

A Texas Startup Is Born

Our company was founded in 2011 in Texas under Heritage Law Marketing LLC.