South Dakota Governor Demands White House, DOJ, Interior, And Congress Crack Down On Reservation’s COVID Roadblocks

1 Aug, 2020- 9:29 pm
Vitalii Cherkashyn
Vitalii Cherkashyn

Walking Permit Patty Meme Kristi Noem is mad as hell, and she’s not going to take it anymore. The South Dakota governor is currently ranting to 911 about brown people who are ignoring her orders and just trying to live. Because after the bangup job Governor Karen Kristi did protecting workers at the Sioux Falls meatpacking plant, the Cheyenne River and Oglala Sioux Tribes decided to enact checkpoints at their own, sovereign borders to protect their members from coronavirus. At which point, all hell broke loose because HOW VERY DARE THEY, and the governor started running to Daddy, Congress and the FBI to make those Native Americans fall in line.

 “The people themselves are primarily responsible for their safety”

“The people themselves are primarily responsible for their safety,” Noem said in April, as she ignored calls for a statewide shutdown order. “They are the ones that are entrusted with expansive freedoms.” Which meant, in practice, that at least 725 employees at the Smithfield processing plant in Sioux Falls were expansively free to contract coronavirus at work before the facility was finally closed last month.

As of today, next door North Dakota has 2,229 covid cases, compared to South Dakota’s 4,177. It’s not a perfect comparison, but both states have fewer than one million people, spread out over a lot of land. Only one of them has a governor who refused to do anything to combat the virus besides kiss up to Donald Trump and volunteer her citizens to be guinea pigs in a hydroxychloroquine efficacy trial.